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The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the largest international network of circular economy professionals and organizations with over 260 CEC local chapters in over 110 countries. Non-for-profit, global and open to anyone to join the club for free.

This is the official website for the New York CEC chapter. Most of our events and content does center around NYC, but this chapter includes organizers and professionals from all across New York state.

We love collaboration. If you are not based out of NY, but still working towards a more circular economy, you are welcome. 

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What is the Circular Economy?

A circular economy (aka “circularity”) is an economic system that aims to eliminate waste and the continual use of finite resources. 

This regenerative approach is in contrast to the traditional (and existing) linear economy, which has a “take, make, dispose” model of production. 

This model aims to benefit businesses, all people, and the natural environment. 

For more information, we recommend checking out the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s website



Join the 3rd CEC #CircularCities Week and help gain commitment from an impactful sector in your city to move towards circularity. 

The CEC “Circular Cities Week 2021” (25-31 October 2021) is the 3rd edition of an annual, decentralized global event taking place alongside the UN World Cities Day.